Appellate Law, Legal Research and Litigation Support Services

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Appellate services are provided in most areas of civil law. These include:

  • Personal Injury and Tort

  • Malpractice (Medical and Other)

  • Contractual and Commercial Matters

  • Divorce and Family Law

  • General Litigation

I will handle all appellate responsibilities if you so desire or I will review your case and will provide you with analysis and recommendations.

Case Review and Appellate Evaluation

You may feel “too close” to a case after living with it (and with the client) for an extended period of time. I will review your case and will provide you with detailed feedback as to the appellate issues that may be raised and as to the strength of your appellate position.

I will co-counsel with you or will handle all appellate responsibilities, as you prefer.

I will research whatever legal issues may be significant and will provide you with a detailed summary and analysis.

I will write the Brief or I will review and edit your draft, suggesting revisions and modifications.

I will also review any brief that has been submitted by your opposing counsel.

I will handle Oral Argument if you desire. Alternatively, I will assist you with your preparation for Oral Argument by:

  • Helping to Organize your presentation

  • Reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of your arguments

  • Raising questions and issues that may be posed by the appellate panel

Legal Research and Writing Services

Trial attorneys often do not have the time or patience to thoroughly research issues that are involved in a trial or appeal. I will provide whatever legal research you may require. I will also provide a written document for your informal use or for filing with the court (as you prefer).

Litigation Support

I provide litigation support at the trial level. This support typically consists of:

  • Providing Legal Research as needed

  • Drafting of motions, memoranda, responses, etc.

  • Handling (or assisting with) key hearings

  • Consultation regarding trial and pre-trial strategy

  • Assisting with trial and pre-trial proceedings

I am willing to play as large or as small a role as you may desire in assisting you with difficult or time-consuming legal issues.

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