Appellate Law

Personal Injury, Family Law, Contract Law and General Litigation

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I handle appeals in most areas of civil law. If you have been unsuccessful at the trial level (or if the opposing party has filed an appeal against you), it is advisable to immediately consult an attorney who is familiar with appellate practices and procedures.

An appeal is not a “second trial”. Appellate principles and procedures are substantially different from those that are employed at the trial level.

You need to be aware that the time in which to file an appeal is limited. You also need to understand what types of orders are (and are not) appealable, when they are appealable, and what issues will (and will not) have a good chance of succeeding at the appellate level.

You also need to understand what forms of relief other than an appeal may possibly be available to you.

Having handled many Florida appeals in numerous areas of law, I will be able to provide you with an understanding of the appellate process and the strength or weakness of your appellate position. I will handle all facets of your appeal, regardless of whether it involves a personal injury, family matter, business matter, or any other legal problem.

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